Our Girls On Margaret's farm, "the chicken comes first" which answers one question at least! These happy hens spend their days out on lush green pastures, where they can graze and interact with the farmer for as long as they choose They live in traditional type housing where the return several times a day from their rambles and for safety at night. Here too they feed, drink, sleep and lay those delicious free range eggs. Their balanced healthy feed is made from natural grains and cereals only. They also have a continuous supply of fresh spring water. Animal Welfare 
To us, animal welfare is more than a business practice: It’s an ethical and moral imperative. Since 1983 we were founded on similar core values and principles, and we work closely with our local farms to ensure the safety and humane treatment of the hens that provide us fresh eggs. We support our farmers by paying for their commitment to supplying us with free range eggs from hens not treated with any harmful chemicals. We’re proud to be a part of this growing movement. Great news for both egg lovers and hens everywhere.
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