Free-range eggs are simply the best eggs that you can find: Laid by hens that get to spend their days outside in fresh Irish fields – not cooped up in small cages or huddled by the thousands in cage-free barns. The eggs are simply better in every way. They taste better. They look better. They’re better for you. And the hens that lay them live happy, healthy lives as close to natural as is possible for domesticated animals. For a hen to be considered free-range it must have access to an outdoor area the minimium of One hectare, roughly the size of the pitch at Croke Park! Our Free Range 200,000 Laying Hens 23 Family Farms 30 Hen Houses 
200 Hectares Our Standard 1,000 Hens Per Hectare EU Standard 2,500 Hens Per Hectare
better for you So just why is free-range so much better? Free-range is a way to get chickens back where they belong and with a healthier, more natural diet, the eggs they lay are far superior – it’s just common sense! By dining on grasses and bugs, our girls are getting a whole lot more vitamins and minerals than they would inside. Add in the clear benefits of the outdoor lifestyle our girls enjoy – cleaner, less stressful, plenty of fresh air and sunlight – and it’s obvious why the eggs are so much better. In comparison to a conventional egg laid by chickens raised in cages, free-range eggs contain: So next time you crack open one of our eggs (or the first time, if you are just checking us out to see what all the fuss is about!) you can feel great about at least 2 things: the hens that have laid these eggs are raised in the most humane and caring environment, and the eggs that they reward us with are the healthiest for you. Or more simply: Our happy hens lay the healthiest eggs!
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