Our Eggs 
As Ireland's only dedicated Free-Range egg producer every single one of our eggs comes from certified free-range hens, and that’s just as good as it sounds! It also means our hens each gets fields to roam, and they sure do love to roam. We never need to use any harmful chemicals on any of our farms and our girls love the naturally varied diet that they get to forage, and we know that you’ll taste the difference in the eggs that they lay! Straight from our family farm, our eggs are fantastic for breakfast, delicious for lunch and dinner, time-saving as a quick snack and even amazingly indulgent as a treat!
Our Free Range Brown Eggs:
 Free Range Eggs Large 6’s Free Range Eggs Medium 6’s Our Free Range White Eggs:
 White Free Range Eggs 6’s (Mixed Eggs: Large and Medium) These eggs are laid by white hens with white earlobes! Our Free Range Omega-3 enriched Mega Egg:
 Our very special egg contains enriched levels of omega-3 in the form of DHA. This nutrient is crucial to our diet as we ourselves cannot produce sufficient amounts.
 Eating two of our enriched eggs daily provides the body with the DHA requirement to promote healthy brain development in infants and contributes to normal brain function in adults. It also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy heart and eyes throughout life. The distinctive flavor of our eggs is attributed to the freedom & happiness of our girls.
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